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Posted by admin on 2011/10/16 17:39:00 (2686 reads)

A hydrogen-fueled vehicle produced by General Motors was tested in South-West Ohio last Saturday. It's good to see that GM is getting serious with alternative enegies. After Volt, its first fully electric car, there is obviously a chance for a hydrogen car coming from GM: Read more...

With it, GM will join other car makers, like BMW, which has already world's first production-ready hydrogen vehicle: BMW Hydrogen 7

It's worth to mention that Cincinnati is also involved in electric car production, with its Amp Electric Vehicles company, that recently moved from Blue Ash to Loveland

Since Automotive and Advanced Energy are two of eight Industry Clusters designated by Regional Chamber of Commerce, let's hope to see more this development in South West Ohio. 

Posted by admin on 2011/10/10 18:50:00 (3182 reads)

Finally Cincinnati is slowly warming up to Innovation!

The latest sign is the creation by Cincinnati Enquirer of a special section: Enter Change:



Posted by admin on 2011/10/4 19:00:00 (2034 reads)

On Oct. 1, 2011 Robotics teams sponsored by SHPE Cincinnati participated in Advanced Programming training organized by iSPACE:

It was a very educational workshop and it was beneficial for both coaches and students.

Creating the future innovators of Cincinnati, one student at a time...

Posted by admin on 2011/3/16 19:10:00 (2508 reads)

The TiEQuest Ohio 2011 Finals will feature a successful local entrepreneur. Come and hear the inspiring story of Alfonso Zubizarreta, one of the entrepreneurs behind Hyland Software's success. The discussion with him will be led by Baiju Shah, President of BioEnterprise and founding Charter Member of TiE Ohio.

A native of Peru, Mr. Zubizarreta joined Hyland in 1993 as a Senior Developer. Today, as Vice President of Hyland Software’s Enterprise Solution Group, he works in partnership with executives from numerous industries to fulfill their corporate initiatives, streamline processes, and reduce costs.

Meet the 35 entrepreneurs who participate in TiEQuest 2011 and hear the finalist present live in front of the panel of judges. Come and hear from the most promising entrepreneurs and learn what they are working on at the contestants expo. Experience their energy, get inspired by their dedication and innovative ideas. Celebrate as we announce the winner of the $25K prize package, who will move on to compete in Toronto. Who is going to represent Ohio at the global competition in April?

Time: Wednesday, March 23 · 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Location: Hyland Software, 28500 Clemens Road, Westlake, Ohio 44145

5:00pm Registration and Networking
5:30-6:10pm Company Pitches
6:10-6:30pm Interview with Hyland's Alfonso Zubizarreta conducted by Baiju Shah from BioEnterprise
6:30-6:40pm Announcing the Winner of TiEQuest Ohio 2011
6:40-7:30pm Contestant Expo and Networking

TiE Members - Free
Non-Members - $15

Register herehttps://s08.123signup.com/servlet/Sign ... mp;P=15322831911422412200

For more info: http://www.tieohio.org/index.php?view ... mplecalendar&Itemid=4

"Like" TiE Ohio on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/TiE-Ohio/192091987468492

Join the TiE Ohio delegation to TiECon 2011--- the largest conference for entrepreneurs! May 13-14, Silicon Valley. Hottest networking opportunity on the planet --- thousands of techies, tech entrepreneurs, and VCs. This year's keynote: VINOD KHOSLA--- co-founder of Sun Microsystems, and a founder of TiEhttp://www.tiecon.org/

Posted by admin on 2011/2/24 15:00:00 (1926 reads)

My friend Mike Weppler emailed me a link to this very cool article:

Will The Midwest Become The Next Silicon Valley? 

Definitely worth reading!

And yes, Midwest has every reason to become the next Silicon Valley. There are exciting things happening here, we just need to get better organized and educated about enterpreneurship and innovation! 

Posted by admin on 2011/2/22 15:10:00 (3920 reads)

On Thursday, Feb. 17, SHPE Cincinnati chapter had its second networking meeting, this time at AMIS (Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies), which has a high number of Hispanic students.

Representatives form iSPACE presented the Robotics programs that they organize, and which SHPE would like to use as the base for the Robotics Club that they want to start at AMIS.

Several kids from AMIS were able to learn more about the Robotics program and get excited about the possibilities. We hope that our SHPE Members will get involved in helping these kids in their STEM Journey.

It is a very good initiative to expose children to engineering and science in a fun way. SHPE is also looking to open same program at Lakota High School. 


More info on SHPE Cincinnati Website: www.shpecincinnati.org 

Posted by admin on 2011/1/23 9:20:00 (1876 reads)

Great news - just a day after we've posted a question about other schools following the success story of Taft High School, a group of non-profit organizations have teamed up on a campaign "Be the Change" to recruit 1,000-2,000 tutors for Cincinnati Public Schools' ten worst performing elementary schools. 

Read the article on Cincinnati.com 

Among the agencies involved:

University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati, Council of Christian Communities, Beech Acres, United Way of Greater Cincinnati and Cincinnati Youth Collaborative.


Posted by admin on 2011/1/21 16:30:00 (1821 reads)

Great article about Taft High School posted on Enquirer Website

While we celebrate this fantastic improvement and a great collaboration between the school and Cincinnati Bell, the question is:

why don't we have similar sponsorships for all schools in Cincinati? 

It is clearly a great success story, so all major companies in Cincinnati should be talking to Cincinnati Bell and the school principle about how the process works, what can they learn from it and how they can replicated it by "adopting" another school in our city. 

So who is next?

Posted by admin on 2011/1/20 16:20:00 (1523 reads)

The University of North Caroline @ Chapel Hill is focusing on innovation in an impressive way!

They proclaim to get Bold again!

More than two centuries ago, Carolina led the way in giving citizens of all creeds and backgrounds access to America’s promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Now we must be even bolder.
We must extend our impact around the world.

Visit their Website

Posted by admin on 2011/1/20 16:00:00 (1456 reads)

A good article in InfoWorld about a non-profit organization Code for America focused on helping city governments in using and taking advantage of Web 2.0. 

The Mission of Code for America is:

Code for America enlists the brightest minds of the web industry into public service to use their skills to solve core problems facing our communities. We help talented technologists leverage the power of the internet to make governments more open and efficient, and become civic leaders able to realize transformational change with technology.

For 2011 they selected four cities:

Posted by admin on 2011/1/20 15:10:00 (1597 reads)

Cincinnati  needs to reinvent itself if we want to stay competitive in the new global economy. We are not only competing with other US cities, but also with cities around the world.

The recent report Our Region By The Numbers should be a clear wake-up call for the region and we need to do something about it very soon! 

The good news is that we have innovation experts locally, who showed how it should be done: 

As described on Amazon:


Blessings to Procter & Gamble—or, more exactly, its chairman and CEO, A. G. Lafley. Together with Charan, author of Know-How (2007) (and the most probable successor to management guru Peter F. Drucker), he defines, describes, draws examples of, and delineates how innovation became a part of not only the behemoth consumer-packaged-goods company but also part of Lego and Nokia (among others). Lafley is remarkably candid; the story of his “surprise” ascent to CEO-dom in 2000, taking over from Durk Jager, is the story of transformation. A number of commandments accompanied the company’s innovationcentric strategy: the consumer is boss, inside and outside cocreation is encouraged, the innovation process is tangible (and must be followed), and risks can be managed. Most important is his emphasis on human interaction as the key; even better, the last section focuses exclusively on developing a culture of innovation, from promoting the rules of brainstorming to the desired attributes for employees and leaders: courageous, connected and collaborative, curious, open. Sidebars are worthy of posting on a bulletin board; in fact, this is a sustainable reference on innovation that will be hard to beat. --Barbara Jacobs

It would be nice if our city leaders could leverage this know-how from these experts!


Posted by admin on 2011/1/12 0:40:00 (1395 reads)

The Kroger Company won recognition at te National Retail Federation's annual Big Show as the "most innovative retail technology of 2010" for its scan tunnel.

Read more here

Posted by admin on 2011/1/10 5:00:00 (1336 reads)

Cincinnati USA Chamber of Commerce announced the inaugural Cincinnati USA Innovation Awards, celebrating companies and people that demonstrate how new ideas can be developed into fuel for the Tri-State’s economic engine. The program is being produced by the Cincinnati Business Courier, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber and CincyTech.

Winners will be announced at an event to be held on April 14, 2011, and will be featured in a supplement to the Cincinnati Business Courier April 15, 2011 weekly print edition.

The deadline to submit a nomination is January 18, 2011There is no fee to submit a nomination.

Applicants must choose one of the following categories they feel their project best exemplifies. Please use the nomination form below each category description to submit your nomination.

The nominations are in the following categories:

  • Outstanding Emerging Innovation
  • Outstanding Biotech Innovation
  • Outstanding Information Technology Innovation
  • Outstanding Marketing Innovation
  • Outstanding Advanced Engineering Innovation
  • Outstanding Nonprofit Innovation

More info: Cincinnati USA Chamber of Commerce

Posted by admin on 2011/1/10 3:30:00 (1365 reads)

This is so cool! 

An Open Source electric car is powered by hydrogen fuel cells. 

The company behind it is Riversimple, which created a non-profit Open Source Foundation called the 40 Fires Foundation that oversees the design and development of the car.

Check it out...

Posted by admin on 2010/12/23 16:35:44 (1286 reads)

Another great example of kids getting passioned about science.

This time a group of 8-10 year olds conducted a research about how bumblbees see colors and patters, and they have written a report about it that was recently published by the prestigious scientific publication, the Biology Letters, a peer-reviewed journal of Britain's Royal Society.

Read more about it in this report

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