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Posted by admin on 2019/8/28 9:40:00 (233 reads)

Great presentation today at Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber about Cincinnati Jobs Outlook 2028, which provided a data-driven picture of where the Cincinnati economy is expected to produce new jobs through 2028—and provides insights into the projections. In addition to charting the fastest-growing occupations in our region, this new report—an update of the Jobs Outlook 2020—looks at the entire job landscape through the lenses of income, education, gender, and race.

You can download the report from here 

  Posted by admin on 2018/8/23 16:20:00 (947 reads)

The University of Cincinnati announced that it plans to lease a new building in the Uptown Innovation Corridor to promote the "digital future of tech innovation."

This is definitely a great news for Innovation in Cincinnati, bringing us closer to remaking our city as a "City of Innovation

UC President, Neville G. Pinto, shared this:

"Building on our Next Lives Here vision, the University of Cincinnati has signed an agreement to lease a 180,000 square-foot building to be constructed within Uptown Cincinnati’s Innovation Corridor. The building is part of a development on 5.8 acres on the southeast corner of the intersection of Martin Luther King Drive and Reading Road, adjacent to our 1819 innovation hub at 2900 Reading Road.

Our multi-year commitment will anchor this development, which is planned as a major mixed-use project by the joint team of Terrex Development & Construction and the Messer Construction Company. Conceived as an environment for innovation, education and technological advancement, the entire project consists of a hotel with a potential residential component, two parking garages and three office buildings. Our agreement addresses the first of these office buildings, which we have, for now, dubbed the “digital futures” building.

As you may recall, the Innovation Corridor has been a decade in the making — a vision growing out of a strategic partnership of Uptown institutions, the City of Cincinnati, the OKI Regional Council of Governments, the Ohio Department of Transportation and the surrounding neighborhoods. Following the opening of the new I-71/Martin Luther King Boulevard interchange, the assembly of over 100 parcels of land, and the renovation of the historic old Sears building into the anchor tenant of the district (our 1819 hub), it is exciting to see this vision is now becoming a reality.

We feel that logistically the proximity of this additional space to the 1819 hub – our front door for industry and community to access UC talent – is critically important. The digital futures building will enable industry and the community to further connect with us through a digital research commons and will provide space for UC faculty and students to work with them to address opportunities and challenges in a digital future. Amplifying and accelerating our Next Lives Here vision, it will be interdisciplinary in form and forward-leaning in function. It will empower diverse teams of thinkers and doers to push the boundaries of what’s possible – to bend the future in Cincinnati’s direction.
Vice President for Research Patrick Limbach will be leading the work to define the programs for this new interdisciplinary building and will be engaging the campus community in this discussion.
I want to add my thanks to the Uptown Consortium and its President and CEO, Beth Robinson, for their tremendous efforts in spearheading investment in Uptown for more than 15 years."
Posted by admin on 2018/4/20 10:30:29 (1108 reads)

The first Smart Cincy Summit served to launch Regional Smart Cities Initiatives throughout the Greater Cincinnati's Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Region. The second summit will highlight the organizational leadership, active projects, and community goals.

The Smart Cincy Summit brings together local, regional and national leaders for a dynamic day of programming centered around smart city planning. This year the focus will revolve around the pillars of smart planning, mobility and infrastructure, and community impact. A limited number of tickets and sponsorships are still available. 

A free community day will be open to the public on Wednesday, April 25th at the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments Board Room. 

Final Announcements:  April 19th, 2018

Learn more about the largest group focused on smart cities in the Midwest. Visit smartcincy.org.

Contact hello@smartcincy.org to learn more or to get involved.

Posted by admin on 2018/4/20 10:30:00 (1909 reads)

The Smart Infrastructure Challenge will launch during the Smart Cincy Summit on April 26th, 2018. The challenge calls for regional teams to create a project vision and planning framework leveraging smart and connected technologies and innovative strategies that will serve to optimize or altogether replace outdated infrastructure and systems. Top teams will be awarded support resources, funding, and access to project financing following presentations at the Smart Regions Conference on October 25th.

Posted by admin on 2017/11/24 11:00:00 (782 reads)

The next frontier of 3D-Printing is additive manufacturing, and Cincinnati's GE Aviation is leading the way! We need to make Cincinnati a center of expertise in this area and attract businesses from around the world to be part of it!

This GE article does a great job explaining  3D-Printing and additive manufacturing used inside GE, and showcasing the incredible opportunities for the future!  

Posted by admin on 2017/10/2 3:50:00 (1453 reads)


Join us on Wednesday, October 25th at BB&T Arena for the first Midwest IoT Showcase and Smart Regions Conference!

The Smart Regions Conference will include speakers and featured presentations in the morning, an open IoT Showcase and Expo throughout the day, and Smart City leadership workshops and awards in the afternoon. Oh, did we mention drones? Yeah, professional drone racing and exhibitions, too! Tickets and Sponsorships are available but limited.

For more info, visit the Smart Regions Conference Website 

Posted by admin on 2017/5/2 3:00:00 (1685 reads)

TechRepublic spoke to 11 smart city experts at the Smart Cincy Summit, ranging from Cincinnati city officials, to executives at CintrifuseNexigenCincinnati Bell, TransitX and ET3 and more.

Here are the videos with their thoughts on what it takes to become a smart city - you can view them on TechRepublic Website 

Posted by admin on 2017/5/1 4:30:00 (1290 reads)

It is always great to read about accomplishments of Cincinnati's residents, especially when it is mentioned in the national media.

Last week the publication Quarz reported that our own UC Professor, Dr. Tomasz F. Stepinski used NASA data to make an insanely detailed map of US racial diversity. You can zoom in and see detailed information for each neighborhood. 

You can read the article here

To see the map, click here

Posted by admin on 2017/4/28 5:00:00 (1116 reads)

GovTech Website published an article about Cincinnati and our approach to use Data Analytics: "Cincinnati Retrospective on Data-Driven Efforts Shares Methodologies, Successes"

The article was about a recent paper published by the City Manager, Mr. Harry Black: "Now, some three years on in this process, he has released a retrospective paper on the methodologies behind the efforts and just what they have meant to Cincinnati government. The paper, published April 18, is, as Black detailed, a look how the municipal government went from missing opportunities for public service to improving efficiencies and holding departments accountable."

Congratulations to Harry Black, our City Manager, and his team, for building Data Analytics into the fabric of our city!  

  Posted by admin on 2017/2/10 23:00:00 (2342 reads)

Public and private stakeholders from Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana are working together to create the nation's first smart tri-state region.

Helping create a model for regional, smart growth.

Moving the smart city conversation forward, focusing on the four pillars of workable, livable regions: connectivity, mobility, security, and sustainability.

Connecting people, places, things, and information in real-time.

Auditing and improving the mobility of people, goods, and utilities; enabling economic mobility including access to education and job training.

Focusing on security, auditing public safety and cyber-security.

Committing to sustainability, including practices from energy and transportation to manufacturing and agriculture.

Upcoming events

Round-table at Uptech in Covington:

February 22, 2017 (11am-1pm)

Free Tickets Here

Round-table at The Hamilton Mill in Hamilton:

March 15, 2017 (11am-1pm)

Free Tickets Here

Smart Cincy Summit

Tickets & Info

Posted by admin on 2016/11/17 11:30:00 (1307 reads)

Every year the Digital Cities Survey takes a big-picture view of the state of IT in cities to determine which are moving the needle forward by excelling at using technology. The Center for Digital Government and Government Technology are recognizing 62 cities this year for their use of tech to support priorities and improve operations. 

Read more at: http://www.govtech.com/dc/articles/Mu ... igital-Cities-Survey.html

Posted by admin on 2016/9/26 10:50:42 (1359 reads)

Today, to kick off Smart Cities Week, the Administration is expanding the Smart Cities initiative, with over $80 million in new Federal investments and a doubling of the number of participating cities and communities, exceeding 70 in total. These new investments and collaborations will help cities of all sizes, including in the following key areas:

  • Climate: The Administration is announcing nearly $15 million in new funding and two new coalitions to help cities and communities tackle energy and climate challenges. For example, one Department of Energy (DOE) campaign has already signed up 1,800 buildings representing 49 million square feet with data analytics tools that could reduce their energy footprint by 8 percent or more, on average.

  • Transportation: The Administration is announcing more than $15 million in new grants and planned funding to evolve the future of urban transportation, including National Science Foundation (NSF) funding for researchers in Chattanooga to test, for the first time, how an entire urban network of connected and autonomous vehicles can automatically cooperate to improve travel efficiency and operate safely during severe weather events.

  • Public safety: The Administration is announcing more than $10 million in new grants and planned funding for public safety, resilience, and disaster response. For example, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is funding the development of low-cost flood sensor-based tools in flood-prone areas of Texas, where predictive analytics will give first responders and local officials new capability to issue alerts and warnings, and the ability to respond more rapidly to save lives when a flood strikes.

  • Transforming city services: MetroLab Network is launching a new effort to help cities adopt promising innovations in social programs, like a collaboration between three counties surrounding Seattle and the University of Washington to use predictive analytics to identify precisely when city services succeed in helping homeless individuals transition into permanent housing, offering the promise of a future of personalized intervention.

See more: White House Announcement

Posted by admin on 2016/8/31 8:49:32 (1400 reads)

Congratulations to University of Cincinnati for moving more aggressively toward Innovation! 

In his last two messages to UC Alumni,  University of Cincinnati Board Chair Rob Richardson,  writes about the growth and importance of innovation at UC, and about the upcoming Next Lives Here Innovation Summit, to be held on Thursday, Oct. 20th. 

The Summit "will be an in-depth look at how innovation occurs, who is modeling the innovation process to greatest effect here in the region, and where our best opportunities lie for elevating innovation within the UC educational experience."

Please visit the Next Lives Here Innovation Summit website to learn more about this essential opportunity.

Posted by admin on 2016/3/24 8:30:00 (1683 reads)

In December 2015, the U.S. Department of Transportation launched The Smart City Challenge as a follow up to the February 2015 report, Beyond Traffic. The challenge provides up to $40 million in Federal funds and another $10 million from Vulcan Inc., founded by Paul Allen, to one mid-sized U.S. city to help them address the challenges associated the growing demands on transportation infrastructure.

By early February, they received applications from 78 cities that fully embraced the spirit of the Challenge and presented DOT with unique visions, partnerships, and blueprints for making their ideas into reality.

On March 14, DOT has announced the seven winning cities:

The full announcement of the Smart Challenge City finalists.

What can we learn from them? 

Posted by admin on 2015/9/18 23:30:00 (2516 reads)

Congratulations go to... 

Cincinnati Innovates, the region’s annual online innovation competition, announced the winners of the seventh annual competition. Eight awards totaling $65,000 in grants were announced at LPK’s Brand Innovation Center Thursday evening.
The top winner of CincyTech’s $20,000 cash prize was Astronomer, an app that helps online businesses spend more time shipping product and less time integrating the digital tools that manage customer data.  Astronomer collects and utilizes real-time customer activity data to the hundreds of cloud-based marketing tools and analytics apps a business might use to track and communicate with customers.

Second place $10,000 from LPK went to CarPal, the Uber for packages - a same-day delivery courier and transforms the way goods move around cities by enabling anyone to get a product delivered on the day of purchase.  Third place $10,000 from Taft to UltraFlo Systems, a LEED Platinum plumbing system that cuts water consumption and plumbing labor and materials in homes and commercial buildings almost using a one pipe system to deliver hot and cold water by mixing in one central mixing valve.  Fourth place $8,000 from First Batch, a product accelerator, as well as the $2,000 Queen City Angels Community Choice Award went to Bailout, a pocket-sized self-rescue device which will allow firefighters and other safety workers to escape from elevated environments greater than 100 feet quickly and safely.

Congratulations to all winners! 

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