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A culture of innovation provides the foundation so that people can turn ideas into results and improve communities. Innovation can be found in all industries, fields, locations and communities - not just in business, technology, engineering or the physical sciences. According to the pioneering work of Nobel Prize winner Robert Solow, technological innovation is the ultimate source of productivity and growth. It's the only proven way for economies to consistently get ahead - especially innovation born by start-up companies


  • Innovation in Technology Innovation in Technology
    Innovation - taking something established and introducing a new idea, method or device that creates a new dimension of performance.
  • Innovation is You Innovation is You
    With Innovate Cincinnati, you can easily and quickly learn about Innovation strategies and resources
  • XOOPS is powered by You When Business Matters
    Innovate Cincinnati is your partner in the success of your businnes and our community.
  • Partner in success When Business and Community Matter
    Innovate Cincinnati is your partner in the success.


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23-Dec-2010 16:31
Amazing Entrepreneurs Under 14

It's amazing what young kids with big dreams of become an Entrepreneur can do!

They came up with some very cool ideas and were able to turn them into profits.

Just look at the ...

22-Dec-2010 03:58
What is Innovation




The best way to predict the future is to create it


If you don’t invest in the future and don’t plan for the future, there...

16-Dec-2010 13:29
Ignite Cincinnati

Ignite Cincinnati is an information exchange for fostering and inspiring our...

13-Dec-2010 02:30
Chicago Innovation Pipeline
UIC and five of the region’s leading research institutions teamed up to put their collective best foot forward recently at the BIO International Convention in Chicago. The group, consisting of UIC, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Argonne National Laboratory, Loyola University,...
13-Dec-2010 02:00
Nanoscale Science and Engineering
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