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A culture of innovation provides the foundation so that people can turn ideas into results and improve communities. Innovation can be found in all industries, fields, locations and communities - not just in business, technology, engineering or the physical sciences. According to the pioneering work of Nobel Prize winner Robert Solow, technological innovation is the ultimate source of productivity and growth. It's the only proven way for economies to consistently get ahead - especially innovation born by start-up companies


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12-Feb-2011 08:00


Create International Chamber of Commerce Forum 

Cincinnati has to focus on exports to generate more revenue, and on finding innovation partners abroad. 

We need to create stronger relationships between the various international Chambers of...

12-Feb-2011 07:00


One leading Economic Development Agency for the Region 

There is a need for one centralized agency for Economic Development, incl. one Website (one-stop shopping). There are too many agencies, and potential entrepreneur can get easily lost,...

12-Feb-2011 06:00



This doesn’t need any explanations, and the other LC team is working on it. 

Good document on Innovation Clusters:


12-Feb-2011 05:00


Create Intelligent Community


02-Feb-2011 01:06
Tutors needed in Cincinnati

Great news - just a day after we've posted a question about other schools following the success story of Taft High School, a group of non-profit organizations have teamed up on a campaign...

21-Jan-2011 16:41
ABC News segment to feature Taft High

Great article about Taft High School posted on ...

20-Jan-2011 18:31
Cincinnati needs "Game changing"

Cincinnati  needs to reinvent itself if we want to stay competitive in the new global economy. We are not only competing with other US cities, but also with cities around the world.

The recent report ...

20-Jan-2011 16:33
Innovate Carolina is fast and furious!

The University of North Caroline @ Chapel Hill is focusing on innovation in an impressive way!

They proclaim to get Bold again!

More than two centuries ago, Carolina led the way...

20-Jan-2011 16:15
Software developers helping city governments

A good article in InfoWorld about a...

12-Jan-2011 15:33
Start-up Chile

Just saw info about Start-up Chile 

This is really cool...

12-Jan-2011 00:33
Kroger creates top innovation in scanning

The Kroger Company won recognition at te National Retail Federation's annual Big Show as the "most innovative retail technology of...

10-Jan-2011 06:59
Cincinnati becomes an official Innovation Hub city

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland proclaimed Cincinnati a Hub for Innovation & Opportunity with regard to consumer marketing at a meeting at the LPK (branding, design firm) headquarters downtown. 

This designation comes with a $250,000 grant that...

10-Jan-2011 04:58
Cincinnati Innovation Awards nominations are open

Cincinnati USA Chamber of Commerce announced the inaugural Cincinnati USA Innovation Awards, celebrating companies and people that demonstrate how new ideas can...

10-Jan-2011 03:30
Developing an Open Source electric car

This is so cool! 

An Open Source electric car is powered by hydrogen fuel cells. 

23-Dec-2010 16:35
Study by 8-year-olds published in prestigious science journal

Another great example of kids getting passioned about science.

This time a group of 8-10 year olds conducted a research about how bumblbees see colors and patters, and they have written a report about it that was recently published by the prestigious scientific publication, the...

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